Upcoming Book

I am excited to announce that after more than two years of research and writing, my book is ready for editing!

Though there is more work to do along the path to publication, this milestone is like a refreshing oasis, bringing new life and energy to the process.  Please check back periodically for more updates.

Book Synopsis

Americans are among the richest group of people who have ever lived. How is it that American Evangelical Christians have come to believe our way of life is normal? How is it that many believe that our wealth is a sign of God’s favor while ignoring the warning of Proverbs 30:8 that riches can cause us to deny God? Perhaps, having been hypnotized by our participation in Western Capitalism, we interpret Scripture through a distorted worldview.

Too many of us are unconcerned about poverty, both at home and abroad, assuring ourselves that, given enough time, free market capitalism and globalization will lift everyone’s boat allowing us to become richer while the poor improve their standard of living, albeit slightly. Somehow, unlike the Good Samaritan, loving our neighbor doesn’t have to cost us anything. Ask the average churchgoer what stewardship entails and they likely will say it is about how we spend our money. This is rather odd since the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is just as concerned about the way we make our money and the effect we have on other people and their ability to steward what God has given them.

My book equips and encourages American Christians to become more diligent, discerning which cultural beliefs, particularly those having to do with money and economics, are antithetical to the Christian faith and harmful to us and to our society.