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What People Are Saying About The Narrow Road: Loving God in a World Devoted to Money

“Far too many evangelical Christians believe uncritically that the Bible promotes capitalism.  Far too many liberal Christians  believe uncritically that the Bible promotes socialism.  Arand shows that neither of these generalizations is accurate.  In fact, the Bible teaches less about economic systems than both groups tend to think.  But it teaches much more about how believers themselves and the Christian groups they form part of should handle money and material possessions.  Bathed in Scripture, carefully interpreted, Arand is as adept in handling the text as he is in explaining modern economic realities.  A must read!”

–Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary

Dale Arand writes with a passion for following Christ “on the narrow road” that is as inspiring as it is rare in much of Christendom today.  His insistence that we bring all of our lives, especially our economic lives, under the lordship of Christ is Good News, even if it is challenging news.  This is nothing less than a book-length provocation to get our economic lives in good order so that they might reflect the divine economy.  In the end, it is a sustained exhortation to heed the Apostle Paul when he writes, “Owe no one anything, except to love one another.”  This is a messenger and a message worth heeding.

–Daniel M. Bell, Jr., author of Economy of Desire: Christianity and Capitalism in a Postmodern World


From the Back Cover of The Narrow Road: Loving God in a World Devoted to Money


According to the Bible, Christians and non-Christians travel different roads and serve different masters. But we live in the same world and work in the same economy. Can we really play by different rules and survive financially?

Our society works against our desire to follow Jesus. Nowhere is this opposition more deceptive or widespread than in the area of economics.

But there’s good news—Christians need not be experts in economics. With a little effort, we can learn enough about how our economic system works so that we can provide for our families without compromising our faith.

In this book you will discover:

  • Important biblical principles you can use to evaluate any economic practice or policy
  • How wealth is immorally transferred to both the rich and the poor
  • Why economies fail
  • Ways in which capitalism and socialism compete against God’s economy for the hearts and souls of humanity
  • That how you make your money is just as important as how you spend it