Hi, my name is Dale Arand.  I am a seminary graduate, aficionado of macro-economics and chemical engineer.

Traveling the Narrow Road is my personal blog.  It focuses on applying biblical principles to life in our complex world.

My goal is to create insightful content that addresses important issues of our day.  I write on theology, economics, current events, worldview and Christian living in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to the biblical point of view. I post a new blog 2 or 3 times a month, on average.

I have spent most of my adult life working as a chemical engineer. Over the years I have pursued various interests.  After my first trip outside the U.S. I became hooked on foreign travel and I have since traveled to 14 countries on four continents and have worked in Europe.  I studied theology at Denver Seminary hoping to become better able to teach the Bible.  In addition to the theological education I received, I took away two very important concepts that have served me well.  The first was to always consider the implications of what I believe and the second was to realize that my worldview influences how I interpret the Bible and that I need to be mindful of this as I read and study Scripture.

Through my involvement in short-term missions and volunteer work with international students and refugees I have gained valuable cross-cultural experience and perspectives.

I have long had an interest in macro-economics and spent the past two years researching and learning about the current global economic system. The Bible has much to say about economic interaction between people and I hope to share much of what I have learned on this website.