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Fishers of Men – Your amazing privilege and calling as an Ambassador for Christ.

Yet You Did Not Return to Me – God thwarts our efforts to find heaven on earth. When a nation turns away from God and his righteousness it will reap what it sows. Disaster follows on the heels of any attempt to do the impossibleserve both God and money.

As In the Days of Noah– We live in a time of idolatrous evil. Like Noah, we must prepare our hearts so that we might persevere in faith.

Coronavirus: Bursting Babylon’s Bubble– The global economic system, in every era, represents humanity’s attempt to deny their real problem (sin) so that they might embrace the lie of Satan that we can solve our own problems, whatever they may perceive them to be. Our modern day situation is really not that much different than that at the tower of Babel. The predictable outcome, now seen in the developed world—record individual, government and corporate debt, unrestrained sexual immorality, rampant abortion, small families and the resultant demographic crises—can be directly attributed to the all-out quest to serve money instead of God.

God Is Good– What is the source of evil? Why does God allow it? A mini theodicy.

Is the Coronavirus Judgment from God?– Should Christians carry on as usual, or is God trying to tell us something?

“Thou Shall Not Covet” Is Not a Defense of Capitalism– The tenth commandment’s purpose is not to steer us away from socialism, as many defenders of capitalism claim. Covetousness, as defined by the Bible, is idolatry, not envy. The 10th commandment prohibits desiring the things of the world to the point of being unfaithful to God.

Christianity: Radical From the Beginning – The Sermon On the Mount ought to convince us that the Christian life demands radical change as we follow Jesus. Don’t let the world’s siren call lure you back to Vanity Fair.

America’s Fight for Freedom – America won’t win the fight against communism and authoritarian government if it doesn’t first recognize the fight for freedom pits God-fearing people against God-denying people, pits God’s economy against Babylon and pits God’s sovereignty and moral law against human autonomy.

My Kingdom Is Not of This World – Marxist ideologies in sheep’s clothing threaten the gospel. Let’s not forget that the real battle “is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12).

Why Christians Care About Economics– The Bible has a lot to say about economics, especially as it relates to a Christian’s stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to the believer.

From the Land of the Free to the Home of the Slave – Charts the path to enslavement to debt the United States has taken.

Suffering and the Prosperity Gospel – The concerns of God are of no concern to the prosperity gospel.

Why I Don’t Envy the Rich – The Bible gives us many reasons to not envy the rich. Here are some of them.

The Wizard of Odd – Trump Edition. Why debt is a problem and why our standard of living must go down in order to pay it back.

What Really Causes Inequality? – Contains answers to this question that both conservatives and liberals will love and  hate.

Trump’s Tax Plan: America Gets a Lump of Coal in its Christmas Stocking – Tax cuts without a reduction in the size of government aren’t the gift they are purported to be. With one hand the government takes less of our income. With the other, it takes away the purchasing power of our income via an inflation tax.

How Much Socialism Does it Take to Collapse an Economy? – Part 2 – Explains why U.S. monetary policy is headed toward hyperinflation (this article is fairly technical).

How Much Socialism Does it Take to Collapse an Economy? – The threat of hyperinflation, a comparison between the United States and Venezuela.

Let Your Collection of Idols Save You! – God is not impressed with America’s idols. When we reap what we’ve sown, our military, our economy and our political solutions will prove useless.

No Rules – When a society decides it can make its own rules, apart from God, it shackles itself with chains of evil and loses the protection afforded by God’s rules.

How Important Is Christian Stewardship? – A look at John Wesley’s four questions about how to spend money.

Helicopter Money – This article was written before we all experienced Covid relief money. Keynesian economics had already brainwashed its adherents to believe that inflation, rather than being harmful, is necessary for economic growth. So it is not surprising that many fail to notice the looming danger of currency collapse facing the United States.

A Look In the Mirror – An examination of the American Church’s accommodation of the culture.

Can Your Presidential Candidate Fix the Economy? – Written for the 2016 U.S. presidential election, this article explores imbalanced trade between China and the U.S. and how it affects people in both nations.

This Election Is a Test of Our National Motto: In God We Trust – Written the summer before the 2016 U.S. presidential election, this article encourages Christians to prioritize doing the will of God instead of looking for a political savior.

The Money Changers Have Stolen From Our Future – Why We Will Have to Live on Less Explains why the prevalent financial practice of ignoring the future to attain short term gain makes our economic prosperity unsustainable.

America’s Level of Prosperity Is Not Sustainable – Explores the implications of our trade deficit.

Rejoicing, Not Boasting, Is the Key to Loving Your Neighbor As Yourself – How identifying with both lost and saved humanity produces joy in the midst of suffering encountered at the hands of others.

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking God’s Will for Your Life – Following Jesus isn’t as difficult as we make it out to be. God has revealed His will in the Bible, we simply need to listen, pray, trust and obey.

Negative Interest Rates – Ingenious, Absurd, or Diabolical? – Along with the war on cash, negative interest rates serve the purposes of government debt servicing and the control of its citizens.

Feeling Repressed? stealthy methods used to transfer your money to the government. Hint- it involves inflation.

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