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Choosing the Evil We Live With

I once heard a preacher say that people almost always choose organized evil over disorganized evil. His point was that societal breakdown, if it lasts long enough and is violent enough, has great potential to result in totalitarianism. The modern corollary might read something like this – we will give away our freedoms to a government that makes us feel safe from random evil acts. Read more

A Comfort Beyond Measure

My times are in God’s hand.  I find great comfort in this fact particularly because of three things that are true about God – he is good, he is omniscient and he is omnipotent.  If he is not good, I have every reason to fear his sovereign power.  If he is not omniscient, then his plans might be misguided or have unintended consequences.  If he is not omnipotent, then he is unable to do all that he has promised and my times are not really in his hands. Read more

The Love of Many Will Grow Cold

cold winter scene

I feel it sometimes. Cold, heartless evil.  It’s all around. It’s dark and ugly. It’s chill penetrates to the bone.  I felt the cold when I heard of the murder of twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I feel it when I read about ISIS beheading and crucifying Christians. The darkness draws close with countless other events reported on the nightly news.    Read more